Te Papa Hauora Health Precinct is a place for people to gather, collaborate and share ideas. The centre of a vibrant, creative and inspiring healthcare network. It is becoming a dynamic and productive part of a thriving international city, and contributing to Christchurch’s growing reputation as an excellent place to invest, work, live and play.

Te Papa Hauora Health Precinct is increasing Canterbury’s productivity and contributing to economic growth and social well-being by attracting top-quality researchers, businesses, students, health sector workers and associated staff to the city; delivering long-term benefits to Christchurch and Canterbury, as well as New Zealand.



Te Papa Hauora Health Precinct’s development is guided by the Health Precinct Advisory Council. The Council is a strategic partnership between the University of Canterbury, the University of Otago, Ara Institute of Canterbury (previously called CPIT) and the Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB), working with Matapopore and the Crown.

Partners grow the Precinct by the contribution of their people, resources and programmes. They provide innovative outcomes for education, healthcare and health research, and add value and vibrancy to the area.

Te Papa Hauora Health Precinct provides opportunities for health professionals and researchers to work together. This enhances individual, industry and community outcomes.

Te Papa Hauora Health Precinct attracts investment to the city and contributes to Christchurch’s reputation as a leading destination for public and private sectors.