Canterbury District Health Board

Canterbury District Health Board is the largest employer in the South Island, planning, providing or purchasing hospital and community health services for a diverse population. Based at multiple sites in the upper South Island, Canterbury District Health Board funds over $1.4b of services and directly employs more than 9500 staff with a further 9000 making up the Canterbury Health System.

The Canterbury Health System vision is for an integrated system that keeps people healthy and well in their own homes by providing the right care and support to the right person, at the right time and in the right place.

At June 2016 secondary and tertiary services are largely consolidated on three main sites; Christchurch Hospital Campus, Hillmorton Campus and Burwood Hospital Campus. Primary care services are provided through Integrated Family Health Centres and General Practice teams along with a wide range of community based services including specific Māori and Pacific providers.

Christchurch Hospital is the major tertiary centre for the South Island and in 2013 the Minister of Health approved a redevelopment programme of unprecedented scale.  Upwards of $650M will be invested on the two sites of Christchurch and Burwood, which will grow as centres of excellence for hospital services as part of an integrated health system. Specific capital projects will include a new Acute Services Building on the Christchurch Hospital site, a huge construction project for New Zealand’s health sector. When finished, the new facility will boast additional operating theatres, inpatient beds, purpose-designed space for children, an expanded intensive care unit, an emergency department and roof-top helipad.

Another key project will be the development of a purpose built outpatients facility (OPD). The new outpatients facility, to be built on St Andrews ‘triangle’ opposite the hospital, is due for completion in 2018.

As the largest employer on the South Island and home to the Regional Training Hub, Canterbury District Health Board has extensive responsibilities for workforce development, training and professional development across a range of registered health professional groups and other health workers. Canterbury District Health Board has strategic relationships and provides students from a variety of tertiary education providers including the University of Otago, Ara and the University of Canterbury with educational opportunities in a clinical setting.

Current training and education learning spaces are at various locations all over the city and many are unsuitable (old hospital wards for example) as teaching and simulation environments. Due to a lack of on-site training facilities Canterbury District Health Board frequently hires outside venues for individual training sessions.

Canterbury District Health Board’s preferred solution is to become a partner with other institutions in a new facility on the corner of Antigua and Tuam Streets. This facility will include space for participating tertiary institutions and shared facilities for lectures, seminars, small conferences and a variety of professional development and training needs. The facility would provide access on a shared services model for all Canterbury Health system staff including those working in primary care. It is expected that the facility will be available seven days a week and throughout the day and evening as required and provide education and outreach opportunities for the general public.

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