It was a real pleasure to hold the Future Leaders Programme in mid May and see a different perspective of health issues through the eyes of students reaching the end of their formal training. We had 21 students from a range of health disciplines come together for the week, their closing task was to design a new health system for the South Island. It was so encouraging to see their emphasis on wellness, and a community-based patient centric approach.

Te Papa Hauora with Via Innovations also hosted Techie Brekkie as part of TechWeek2021 in May. Our guests of over 100 (in attendance and on line) heard from Minister Verrall about MOH technology developments, health technology developments in Canterbury and from Steve Wakefield, Chair of HIH explaining the value Canterbury ventures, including HealthOne, bring to our health system

Two good examples of how Te Papa Hauora is adding value to the health system here in Canterbury.

Peter Townsend